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Why you should need a good logo design for your business?

A logo design is a wonderful masterpiece that communicates the identity of a brand. It does come in different forms. Some are designed by writing the name of the company in colorful prints, a handful of them are drawn and painted, while others are created by a coherent combination of shapes and symbols.

logo design

The importance of a logo to a business is not a thing to debate. It does a great job in the propagation of their uniqueness, intelligence, and expertise. Moreover, a business has never come close to branding until they have their logo. However, some people still doubt its significance in the success of a brand. They do wonder how a small piece of design can perform so much awareness. And some say that graphic designers exaggerate logos benefits to make money from them.

To correct the various misconceptions in people about the business logo, we at Webellz innovations have decided to educate business owners on the importance of an artistic logo design for their brand. This is a company with lots of experience, and have hundreds of logo under our belt. Therefore, you can trust all the information given in this article.

The following are the reasons you should get your company a logo now;

Benefits of a good logo design

Logo reveals your identity

You may sell the same commodity or deliver the same services as other companies. However, one of the things that stands your brand out of the multitude is your logo. Although it may or may not contain words, a well-designed logo has its way of revealing a company’s identity, products or services, and the benefits in-store for customers. If designed by an innovative agency like ours, it goes deeper into the perception mind of anyone that sets their eyes on it, and it will be easy for them to recollect your brand whenever your services are needed.

The Amazon logo proves that a logo can pass lots of information to potential buyers in seconds. The yellow swoosh moving from A to Z in the logo means that internet users can depend on the website for all kinds of commodities. Now, you see that a business logo can be likened to an image that speaks more than a thousand words.

It draws the attention of new customers to your brand

Have you ever bought a product because it bears the logo of a reputable company? For instance, you wanted to buy sports undergarments and have no idea of which one to go for in the market. Then, after searching for a long time you sight some with the Nike swoosh logo on them. You will like to go for those, and that’s the way logos work.

A good logo is captivating, and irresistible to everyone that sees it. It portrays the creativity, uniqueness, and expertise of the company, thereby converting more buyers to their side.


It distinguishes you from competitors

Logos set businesses apart from its competitors. They contain items and elements that distinguish your services from other companies. From a brand’s logo, people can deduce the reasons for your company’s peculiarity, and those benefits you offer that can’t be found in another place. That’s the reason why we graphic designers think outside the box when designing logos.

A very good example of this is the Apple Inc. logo. Although there are so many myths behind it, one thing that is very evidential is that this logo differentiates them from the other companies in the tech industry. Take a look at the logo design of their notable competitors like Nokia, Samsung, and Blackberry, you will notice that they have the same logo style (their name written stylishly). But this company came out differently with a simple drawing of an apple that has a bite on its right side. Have you ever thought that the “bite” sounds like “byte”, a computer terminology?

It aid brands loyalty

Do you know that customers crave for consistency? They care to know that a company is thriving before they buy their products. And they can measure a company’s success by the number of logos they see each day. Consumers begin to trust a company when they are noticing their logo spreading in the market. This creates a whole new sentiment in them, hence yielding more sales and profit to the business.

Logos travel faster and wider

Most people get to know the Coca-Cola logo before they know what the brand sells. The brand got lots of recognition through their logo displayed on virtual advertisement boards used in football stadiums. So many people come to know of the brand in all parts of the world by watching football matches under their roofs. You see, logos travel faster and wider. Moreover, it represents a company’s identity and carries its details wherever it goes.

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